Jun. 10, 2016


The mayor of San Antonio, Ivy R Taylor and council members , participated in the part 1 of the goal setting &budget 2017 session in the grand Hyatt hotel in room 206 on the 8th of june 2016 . The input from the community through the Speakup San Antonio program was acknowledged in the begining of the presentations . Different departments presented their goals for the coming year and the financial requirements that was to be made for them in the budget , with questions for clarification coming from the council members present . The city manager , Sheryl Sculley took time to clarify many aspects of the intended budget items . The mayor often in her soft spoken but insightful interventions defended the the promises she made to her constituency and for the needs of the people to be looked into . Stray animals were said to pose a problem and solutions to their plight either through shelters or other ways to get them off the streets or neigborhoods where they were often seen was discussed. 1300 city workers donot benefit from overtime because of restrictions put in place by the federal government because they were paid a salary that did not make room for overtime payments , especially as the minimum entering wage for city workers is set at $13 . DR AKWO , THOMPSON NTUBA

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